Propane Services

Summit Propane Services

Heat your home or office and your pool, fireplace and grills with energy-efficient propane. Propane provides everything you need all year long for less than you’d pay with electric. On average, propane costs about half as much per BTU as electricity. Propane powers water heaters, generators and stoves/cooktops. If the lights go out, you still have options to remain up and running.

summit fuel truck


Home and Office Heating

-Propane fired heating is environmentally friendly and cost effective

Fireplace Tanks

-Propane inserts offer an affordable option with a big payoff

Pool Heaters

-Provide propane for new or existing pool heaters

Forklift Cylinders

-Cylinder refills available onsite or delivery options available


-Provide backup for your essentials such as sump-pumps or medical equipment

Gas Grills and Outdoor Fire Pits

-Enjoy your outdoor space for cookouts, we can connect your grill and fire pit